Studio Fees

  • Primary (Under the age of 10)                                    30 minutes                   $40.00 per lesson*  
  • Beginner to Grade 3 level                                             45 minutes                   $55.00 per lesson* 
  • Grade 4 to Grade 7 level                                                60 minutes                   $70.00 per lesson*  
  • Grade 8 and up                                                                  90 minutes                   $100.00 per lesson*
  • Casual Lesson  (1 hour only)                                        60 minutes                   $80.00 per lesson

       * For students who commit to a regular weekly lesson.

Studio Policies


Please make your lessons and the practicing you do in between lessons a priority. Making the most out of your studies by regular practicing is a critical part of your progress and enjoyment of the guitar and its music. 

Absences (Missed or cancelled lessons) 

Each student reserves a set time for a weekly lesson and is responsible for showing up at that reserved time. Lesson times cannot be extended if the student arrives late. Regrettably, there are no make-up lessons for missed lessons, except in the event of a prolonged illness. In the event that I am required to cancel a lesson (it is rare, but it does happen), the lesson will be made up at a mutually agreeable time. 

Tuition Fees 

Lesson tuition is due and payable in full on the 15th of each month. Most individuals find it convenient to do electronic transfer. Cheque and cash payments are also accepted. Tuition fees do not include RCM exam fees, music festival fees, concert tickets, or books. A $20.00 fee will be charged for returned cheques. 

Neighbourhood Tranquillity 

I enjoy the privacy and tranquillity of my neighbourhood and wish it to remain this way. I also wish to respect my neighbours privacy and peace. For these reasons, it is imperative that all observe the following: 

Under no circumstances should drivers honk their horns to summon students out to their car. Students will wait inside and when they see that their ride has arrived, will exit quietly. Students are not permitted to wait outside for their rides. If students arrive early for their lesson, please enter quietly and wait inside. Instruments must be transported in proper cases. 

Of course, parents are welcome to wait inside for their son or daughter and in the case of very young students, parents are encouraged to sit in on their son or daughter's lesson. 

Withdrawal from Study 

It is unfortunate, but it happens. Students who need to withdraw from study are required to give four (4) weeks (lessons) notice. If the student chooses not to attend these lessons, four (4) lessons will still be charged to their account. Any post-dated cheques will be returned.